Obsessive - "Daring" Samfella

"Daring" samfellan frá Obsessive er einstaklega falleg og er skemmtilega öðruvísi í útliti.
Hún kemur í þessum áberandi rauða lit sem grípur hvert auga.
Blúndan er teygjanleg sem hentar flestum, er þæginleg og liggur vel að líkama þínum.
"Daring" er í heilu lagi með fallega krosslögðu munstri frá hálsi og niður.
Hún er opin í klofið, g-streng og með skemmtilega lögun yfir bakið.

Kemur í einni stærð: 

Product info

Ready for this?

Do you already know that you reign in the heart of your man? Do you already know that you reign in your man’s heart? So it's time to conquer his innermost fantasies! For this purpose, try our spicy as chili B120 teddy. Hot style will warm up the atmosphere. Sexy cut-outs will impress you and… not only you! Ready? You'll like how elegant and feminine you’ll look in this teddy! Do you want to light a real flame of love in the bedroom? Go ahead!So it's time to conquer his innermost fantasies! For this purpose, it is ideally suited to spicy as chili body B120. The bold cut will boost the atmosphere, and the cut-outs ... will impress not only you. You'll like how elegant and feminine you will look in it! Do you want the bedroom to sparkle strongly? In this body you will light a real flame of love! 

More details? Here they are:

  • hot teddy with deep cut-outs
  • sexy lacing imitation on the front
  • big opening on the back
  • closed crotch
  • 3SKnit: selected fibers, durable weave and fantastic, decorative pattern
  • Multistretch material – perfect fit (90% nylon, 10% elastan)
  • 3SKnit
    3SKnitNickel allergy? No way! Bling-blings with this sign are nickel free!
  • Multistretch
    MultistretchThis lingerie is made out of fabrics which stretch in every direction - perfect fitting guaranteed!
  • QualityCheck
    QualityCheckThis item has been checked twice. Really! We are so rigid, because we care!
  • SpicyAsHell!
    SpicyAsHell!Spicy details and incredibly sassy design? Yup! It looks like you've got it! Spicy line is a paradise for spicy games lovers!




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