Obsessive - "Intriguing" Samfella

Intriguing samfellan frá Obsessive er einstaklega falleg og með skemmtilega öðruvísi í útliti.
Þetta munstur mun grípa hvert auga hvar sem þú ert.
Samfellan er teygjanleg sem hentar flestum, þæginleg og liggur vel að líkama þínum.
Þetta skemmtilega útlit hentar vel bæði fyrir kvöld útí bænum jafnt sem inní herbergi.

Kemur í einni stærð: 

Product info

Strap by strap

Do you have an appetite for some... pleasure? Well, get ready for lots of special moments with your man and wonderful lingerie! This teddy is perfect for various occasions – a sexy surprise or your home date. Sensually black material with tempting cut-outs will emphasize your fantastic shapes. The atmosphere will get hotter every minute! You can have this pleasant experience soon… 

Learn more about it: 

  • unique teddy that guarantees spicy fun!
  • elastic straps form V letter on the back
  • sexy cut-outs on the back and belly – optical slimming effect
  • amazing style on the bust – breasts look fantastic
  • tempting style of the bottom – hips are emphasized
  • 3SKnit: extremely durable knit made of selected fibres
  • delicate, perfectly elastic Multistretch material (90% nylon, 10% elastane)
  • 3SKnit
    3SKnitNickel allergy? No way! Bling-blings with this sign are nickel free!
  • Multistretch
    MultistretchThis lingerie is made out of fabrics which stretch in every direction - perfect fitting guaranteed!
  • QualityCheck
    QualityCheckThis item has been checked twice. Really! We are so rigid, because we care!
  • SpicyAsHell!
    SpicyAsHell!Spicy details and incredibly sassy design? Yup! It looks like you've got it! Spicy line is a paradise for spicy games lovers!