Obsessive - "Hot Teddy" Samfella

"Hot teddy" er flott og skemmtileg samfella frá Obsessive.
Hún er með blúndu og spennandi opin lausn að framan.
Hún er með opin lausn í bakinu og þægilegt band um hálsinn.
Hún er mjög teygjanleg og með gat í klofinu.

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Product info

How naughty are you?

This box contains a great dose of sexy temptation! Wanna know more details? Beautiful flowers, seductive net and a very spicy design. Aww you must try it tonight! Time to get naughty…

Only some of perfect B113 details:

  • tempting, black teddy with subtle, floral motif
  • halter-neck – coquettishly uncovered back
  • lacing imitation on the front – spicy design!
  • open crotch – nasty invitation to play
  • incredibly durable and sharp pattern – 3SKnit
  • elastic and comfortable knitwear – Multistretch 
  • halter-neck
  • open crotch
    open crotch

  • 3SKnit
    3SKnitStrong knit, Sharp details and Selected fibres! Perfectly knitted to feel and look awesome!
  • Multistretch
    MultistretchThis lingerie is made out of fabrics which stretch in every direction - perfect fitting guaranteed!
  • QualityCheck
    QualityCheckThis item has been checked twice. Really! We are so rigid, because we care!
  • SpicyAsHell!
    SpicyAsHell!Spicy details and incredibly sassy design? Yup! It looks like you've got it! Spicy line is a paradise for spicy games lovers!