TENGA - Flip Orb Blue Rush

Flip Orb Orange Crash er frábær ný múffa frá TENGA.
Bláu kúlurnar inní sílikoninu eru kallaðar Orbs og veitir aukna örvun
Hægt er að opna múffuna og því mjög auðvelt að bæði nota og þrífa.
Sleipiefna prufur fylgja með þinni múffu.

Nú er bara að njóta...

Product info


Bounding Orbs Await Within!

Flexible Orb Structure
Our latest engineering technology has allowed the creation of the flexible orb structure.
Firm orbs layered within soft elastomer collide and stimulate to provide a completely new sensation with the FLIP ORB.

Compact and Easy to Hold
The FLIP ORB has simplified the Slide Arms of previous FLIP Series items into a cap.
The cap can be used to keep the item closed during use and in storage, and also acts as the drying stand.
With the removal of the slide arms, the FLIP ORB features a new hourglass shape that's easy to hold.

Included Items:
Lubricant Pouch: 2 x 10 ml
Lubricant Pouch: 2 x 10 ml

A New Style of Masturbator
The first hourglass-shaped FLIP Series item, in a compact, easy-to-hold design.

Seamless Insertion Point
The insertion point featured is the same seamless insertion point as the FLIP ZERO Series.
This reduces lubricant leakage during use.

Pressure Pads
Directly control the sensations with the Pressure Pads, or squeeze to create an internal vacuum.
Tenga has removed the Slide Arms from the product body design.
As a result, the Cap is easier to place for both use and storage, while still functioning as the drying stand.

Internal Details
Bounding orbs await within rows of wavy ribs! Bounding orbs await within countless enveloping nubs!

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